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Left click to select units. Right click to give move orders. WASD and mousewheel control camera.

Small unit - harvester. Right click the gold circles to collect.

Medium unit - miner. Press f key to toggle mine placement mode. Left click to place mine. (only works if carrying a mine)

Large unit - minesweeper. Walk around to automatically locate enemy mines and flag them.

DO NOT send move commands to the flags (red lines) or you will have a bad time.

Objective: Collect as many resources as possible.

See below for more detailed instructions.


Yes, the graphics are terrible, but PLEASE give it a chance! I'm not an artist so I decided to focus entirely on mechanics and functionality.


Full Instructions:

Landmine wars is a 2 player networked RTS where the objective is to gather resources, while strategically placing mines to cut your opponent off from resources. Be careful where you step! You never know what's lurking beneath the surface!

The game ends when all resources have been collected, and the winning player is the one with the highest score.
Score is calculated as the number of resources plus 50% of the value of all mines in the stockpile and units on the field. Mines that have been placed do not count towards the final score.
Select units by left-clicking on them. Give selected units move instructions by right-clicking.

Camera controls:
The camera can be panned with wasd
Zoom in and out with the mouse wheel

There are three basic unit types:
Harvester - The smallest and fastest of your three units. Right click on one of the gold-coloured resources with this unit selected to collect resources. The unit will move adjacent to the targeted tile, pause for 20 seconds and then return to your base with the resources. Each resource tile gives 500 resources. A harvester carrying resources will have a gold circle on top of it.

Miner: This medium sized unit places landmines wherever you instruct. Simply press 'f' to toggle in or out of mine placement mode while this unit is selected. While in mine placement mode, left click a tile to place a mine. Please note, your miner must be carrying a mine in order to enter mine placement mode (When carrying a mine, there is a black circle above the miner). After reaching the destination, the miner will pause for 20 seconds, place the mine, and automatically return to base to get another mine.

Minesweeper: The largest and slowest of the units. When moving, any adjacent tile containing a landmine will be flagged. These flags prevent a unit's path-finding from walking over them. This is an important scouting unit to avoid losing your valuable harvesters.

These units can all be purchased using the buttons in the top left corner. Mines that are purchased with these buttons are added to your stockpile and are available to miners standing on the platform surrounding your base.


Have fun! Any questions? Feel free to e-mail me at brucedoh@gmail.com

Known bugs:
-Units do not collide with one another
-Pathfinding is a bit glitchy
-Mines can be placed on resource tiles (unintended). If your own harvester attempts to collect those resources, they will have a bad time.
-If there is a resource tile next to the tile you are trying to harvest or plant a mine on, your unit may get stuck while pathfinding.
-If you target a tile containing a mine with a minesweeper, it will detect the mine, but will still run into it. Your minesweeper will have a bad time.
-Giving move instructions causes units to jump forward slightly. This can give an unfair advantage by causing units to move slightly faster when given repeated move commands.
-Some random issue causing all objects to be destroyed. Has only occurred once for unknown reason.
-Practice mode displays "Waiting for opponent..." for a couple of seconds before loading
-Game does not end until resources have been returned to base. A malicious player could collect the final resource and stand still to prolong the game indefinitely.